Think compliance auditing – but ratcheted up a few levels.


The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) publishes, routinely, a set of procedures that all licensees are required to engage a CPA to perform.  The procedures are defined and non-negotiable, with a final report culminating in an Agreed-Upon Procedures Report.

These procedures, like the cannabis industry in Michigan, are constantly evolving. As fine-tuning continues, regulators and legislators work together with licensees and industry professionals to ensure that safety and compliance remain a key component of Michigan’s licensed cannabis industry.

Ever changing requirements, increasing scope and a review process that is as deep diving as the initial reporting means that you need a trusted, experienced professional to provide these services.


Our team helped shape the reporting requirements, issuing the first CRA-required reports.  In addition, our partners and staff have been featured in industry-specific workgroups directly with the CRA.  We maintain close relationships with all stakeholders in the industry and put those relationships and experiences to work for you.