Who We Are

Traditionally, owls are thought of as wise, reserved, and calculated.

While perched atop the uppermost branch of their forest habitat, they are able to see far and wide all of the forest activity below.

The northern hawk owl is non-migratory, representing its strong ties to its own community. Though it may travel beyond its home territory in search of food, the northern hawk owl always returns to its roots.

Unlike most owls, the northern hawk owl prefers to hunt during the day, and represents many of the same characteristics well known to hawks – swiftness, precision, and a flight pattern consisting of strong and deliberate wing beats.




The characteristics of the northern hawk owl embody the traits we hold close as a firm.

At Grapp Lerash, we value the big picture, while also remaining keenly aware of the details comprising its whole. Precise, calculated, and one of a kind, our firm also holds close the value of community and meaningful service to our clients and each other.

Grapp Lerash strives to stand out among the forest of others, holding ourselves to higher standards in service, transparency, and commitment  while remaining true to our community and the foundation of what makes us unique, both as a firm and as individuals who comprise it. 

Our Team

Our team is our lifeblood.  Grapp Lerash professionals provide industry expertise, regional knowledge, and unmatched service to our clients across all industries.