Build A Career at Grapp Lerash

Forward progress begins with Grapp Lerash.

We are unchained from the “big-firm” feel and conventions.  Driven by a passion for ultimate client service while breaking free from the industry “norms.”

Our team couples an entrepreneurial spirit with an authenticity that knows no bounds and brings collaboration and perspective to existing and emerging industries in a way that no other firm can. 

We are accounting, done differently.

The Grapp Lerash team is Authentic, we don’t prescribe to “Public Accounting Norms,” and we promote an honest, ethical and collaborative culture throughout our entire Firm.

We strive to provide Great Client Service. Without our clients, we would be nothing.

Community is at the forefront of everything we do.  Our internal community of associates is the launching pad for involvement in resident communities and workplace communities.  We embrace a downtown ideal; committed to revitalization and engagement. Our team supports and promotes the careers of women and professionals of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and, while we don’t necessarily promote a prideful nature, we are especially proud of this. Our success is predicated on our people who provide a naturally diverse and unique perspective.

Our Passion starts with our clients.  Our commitment to each and every client can be seen in every decision, deliverable and discussion.  We live for our clients and their successes.  We take that passion internally, as our executive management team lives for our people. 

We are the New-Age CPA Firm.  There is no “this is how we came up,’ or “same as last year.” We break the mold at every possible opportunity.

Most importantly, we do Whatever It Takes while bringing forward-thinking and game-changing perspectives to our clients. Often, we find our team in the office at odd-hours, not because we require it, but because that is the type of client-centric, passionate team that we have.  We deliver at all odds, and you can hear our client partners describe us as “Accounting and Consulting Machines.”

Best-in-class benefits.

Work-life balance is at the core of everything we do.

Our most impactful promise to our team is to provide best-in-class benefits, which starts with our 401(k).  We do not expect our employees to solely fund their own retirement; we provide each employee with a dedicated “Safe-Harbor” employer contribution of 3.00% without any strings attached. We also boast a discretionary profit-sharing component for our team.  We are a family friendly firm – supporting working parents and the families they support with a completely flexible schedule.

Our paid time off is second to none. 

Building on our best-in-class promise, we provide paid time off which includes vacation, holiday, disability, and a working flexibility second to none in our industry.


Unlike other firms in our industry, we embrace a forward-thinking ideology. We support an entrepreneurial growth mindset that has never before existed in the time-honored public accounting industry. We start with the best and brightest talent and provide them, again, with a best-in-class approach to technology. We support modern software, AI utilization, custom accounting APIs, and the entrepreneurial flexibility to change on a dime. We provide all associates with a mobile-friendly work solution, as well as post-pandemic “work-from-home” optionality through our completely flexible scheduling.


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