Financial Statement Audits

Extensive experience. Tailored approach.

Audited financial statements provide stakeholders, taxing authorities, financial institutions, suppliers and customers with assurance that your financial statements reflect the condition of your organization.  We believe an audit should be so much more than that.  While a historical viewpoint is necessary, business is always evolving.

Our approach focuses on continued process improvement.  We believe that in order to be positioned for success, ideas, suggestions and procedural improvements are all part of the audit process.

We take an in-depth approach through discussions with your organization’s key staff.  We review relevant policies and procedures, discuss your organizational concerns and challenges – all while keeping a risk-based, efficient engagement at the forefront of our assurance service.

We work differently.  We listen – it might be one of our greatest assets. Our approach has always been partner forward, which means you will always see a member of our executive team in the field.

Whether you represent a private or public company, non-profit organization or local governmental unit, you can trust that Grapp Lerash will provide a financial statement audit experience that is unmatched. Let us know how we can help you.

Internal Audit and Audit Readiness

Internal audits provide a seemingly endless array of benefits.  From achieving a reliable external audit to promoting stakeholder confidence, an internal audit can help with risk mitigation, operational efficiencies and training and development.

Our professional team has a wealth of experience, across hundreds of internal control audits to provide your organization with the internal support it needs.

We’ve helped establish control structures, develop internal audit functionality, and train staff.  We audit externally too, and we bring that cross-functionality by providing key external regulatory insights to each engagement.  Our partners have been utilized to provide education and ideas to boards, key executives and other industry leaders.

Let us know how we can help you.