Clients, colleagues, friends and family,

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 and the general uncertainties that we all face, we felt it best to lean on our core principles to do what is right, not only for our clients, colleagues, friends and family, but for our country and our world. To that end, we have taken serious precautionary measures to protect the health and well-being of our clients, staff, families and communities. We will continue to monitor and mitigate the risks associated with the virus and do our part to reduce its spread.

Tax and Client Service Critical Matters

IRS filing deadlines: The Treasury Department has indicated that an extension of tax filing and payments to July 15, 2020 has been approved. Regardless, we are operating under a “Business as usual” methodology and will continue to maintain the highest level of service. Our clients have come to rely on us and we would expect no less of ourselves.

Electronic documentation: At this time, our preferred method of receipt and delivery of materials is electronic. Please familiarize yourself with our website,, where in the bottom-left corner of all our pages, you can access our secure client portal. Through this portal we can accept all file types. If you are unable to scan documents, but can snap pictures with a smartphone, these can be uploaded as well. If you are concerned about delivering your documents to us, please contact your tax advisor directly to discuss the many methods by which we can assist.

COVID-19 tax matters: We will continue to actively monitor and communicate matters with direct impact to our clients. Our approach has always been to leverage our entire business community to provide forward thinking and progressive solutions; this situation is no different.

Direct Response to COVID-19 and our Continued Client Service Approach

Herein, you will find a brief overview of how we are responding to the situation, as well as many of the progressive and forward-thinking solutions we have already put in place to continue to seamlessly deliver on our promise of excellent and respected service.

We are continuing to utilize our technology and leverage our ability to be nimble and entrepreneurial. At Grapp Lerash, technology has been at the absolute forefront of our business model and all of your advisors have the means necessary to work remotely and provide secure, seamless service.

We are limiting our in-person interactions and closing our offices to normal access. We are leveraging our secure platforms and providing for remote meetings. Further, we care for our communities and have closed our offices and pivoted into working remotely to provide our professional service to our clients. We will continue to maintain multiple lines of open communication, as our phone lines and email are all operational.

We are limiting our staff travel. All staff will limit domestic travel to only that which is considered absolutely necessary. We will closely monitor reports from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, as well as other trusted Federal and State agencies and will reevaluate this limitation as time progresses.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone at Grapp Lerash cares deeply about our clients, colleagues, friends and families, and have all of you in our thoughts. Please continue to navigate this uncertainty with extreme caution and take care of yourselves and your families.

The Grapp Lerash Team

If you would like to talk through our approach or any of the recommendations mentioned in this article, please reach out to us by any of the means provided below:

Phone: (989) 327-1400